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لعبة تلبيس باربي الجميلة
الاختيار من بين عدة الثياب ، قصات الشعر ، وقبعات ، والحقائب اليدوية والأحذية ، وغيرها من الملحقات الجميلة
Barbie Disney Costume Dress up the cute Barbie doll in Barbie Disney costume. The Barbie doll is amazing to look at but you need to dress up her with some awesome clothes. Choose from several colorful tops and bottoms, dresses, hair styles, hats, earrings, hand bags, shoes, and other accessories to dress up the pretty Barbie doll. You can even dress up the little Barbie poodle with several stylish dresses. Use your mouse to dress up Barbie and her sweet poodle.

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