لعبة مستر بن في صالون الحلاقة


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لعبة مستر بن في صالون الحلاقة

مستر بين يذهب الى الصالون الحلاق يشتغل بامر ما والزبائن الجدد يعتقدون ان مستر بين هو الحلاق طبعا مستر بن لا يتردد ويحلق شعر طفل وشاب ورجل اعمى ثم يسبب المشاكل لصاحب الحلاقة ويفر هو

Trouble In Hair Saloon
Mr. Bean has been working in this Hair Saloon with an intention to try out something new. But the Saloon Head, who is very strict by the way, is not allowing Mr. Bean to do anything but cleaning up the saloon. You task is to work secretly in the saloon and mess up the clients hair as much as you can. Complete the level by filling up the “Mess” meter before time runs out.
Note: Keep cutting the hair for a longer duration to reach the Supremacy Level and score lot more points.

Click to make Mr. Bean start cutting the hair

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    اللعبة موحلوة

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      اللعبة موحلوة هواي

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