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لعبة أزياء عيد الام

Dress Up Your Mom
This mommy is by far the most inspiring fashion icon for her teenage daughter, I can tell you that! You’ll be surprised to find some amazingly elegant, incredibly stylish clothing items and chic accessories in her wardrobe, so how about putting your skills as a fashion stylist to a test and getting this chic mom ready for a Mom’s Day cocktail party? Get the dress up your mom game started and put together a really elegantly chic look for her, combining her stylish cut-out tops with her elegant, knee length skirts, then pairing her sophisticated suit coat with a pair of chic pants and a refined fancy hat, till you’ve selected the look that would get her the title of the most stylish mom ever on Mother’s Day. Now add even more notes of refinement and sophistication to her elegant look with a gorgeous pearl necklace or maybe a sparkling, gorgeous studded handbag and a pair of elegant, fancy heels. Astonishing! Is she like the most elegant mom fashionista in the world or what?

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  1. سهلة يوسف, added August 16, 2015 at 7:37 am Reply :

    يعني تامام واني سهلة من عراق

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