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لعبة تلبيس فستان سهرة

كايلا فتاة جميلة ولكن لديها ثلاثة اصدقاء وهى محتاره مع من ستقضى سهرة الليله فتطلب منكى مساعدتها فى اختيار الشخص المناسب والملابس التى يحبها هذا الشخص ممكن المساعده


It’s Valentine’s Day again. Everyone has palns for this special night. Kayla is also looking forward to a romantic night, so her BFFs set her up with three boys, hoping that she would find her Mr. Right. Please help her dress up according to the requirements of the three boys. Make sure she is wearing the right clothes! Good luck, Kayla!

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