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لعبة تسوق بوتيك الجليد

سواء كنت من المتزحلق جيدة وجميع هذه الرياضات الشتوية جنون قد وصلت لكم ، أيضا ،. متعة اللعب في لعبة التزلج على الجليد لإدارة المحل واختبر مهاراتك على درجة عالية!
Ski Shop
Whether you’re a good skier and all this winter sports frenzy had reached you, too, or you’re not too keen on these kinds of sports, you will be having so much fun playing the ski shop management game, I can tell you that! Ski loving costumers keep coming in this stylish ski shop and you’ll have to help this seller, on her first day on this job, prove her efficiency and serve all those picky clients in due time. Now, let the ski rush begin and be quick to respond to each customers’ needs. What is that? Does she want a pair of chic pink winter boots? Go to the shoe shelves and come back quickly with the shoes the client prefers to try on. What was that? He’d like some yellow painted skies? Quick quick, make sure you pick the right skies from the shelves there, in the back and bring them to our skier here. Have fun playing the ski shop management game and test your skills as a highly competent shop attendant!

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