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العاب دورا الذاكرة العب مع دورا لعبة الكروت المخفية عليك ان تجد كل كرتين متشابهين لكي تفوز بالمرحلة و تذهب الي المرحلة التالية العاب دورا الذاكرة جديدة 2012 العاب دورا الذاكرة للاطفال
Dora Mega Memory
This game belongs to of the Games with Dora the Explorer and is a very educational and very interactive memory game. The first level is very simple and can play any child of 4 years old but as you move from one level to another will have to concentrate harder and do memory exercises.
Cards contain pictures of Dora and Diego, Dora’s monkey, mother of Dora, father of Dora, Swiper, so you’ll have a chance to meet with your favorite characters.
Using the mouse match as many tiles you can before times runs out.

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