لعبة بن تن الصياد


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لعبة بن تن الصياد
يجب عليك في العاب صيد الاسماك ان تقوم برمي الصنارة في النهر و صيد السمك
Ben 10 Fishing Pro
Ben 10 fishing game is a relaxing game. Gwen and Ben 10 are in a boat trying to catch some fish. Gwen is driving the boat while ben ten is fishing for some big fish. There are a lot of levels in this game, each with a task to complete that will be showed before you start the level. You must help Gwen 10 and Ben 10 to catch as much as they can.
Game controls: Left / Right Arrow Keys – Move the boat. Up / Down Arrow Keys – Reel.

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