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لعبة تلبيس ملابس فصل الربيع

يمكنك ان تضع كل الملابس الشتوية الدافئة جانبا والتركيز على أزياء الربيع الأنيقة والعصرية.. أيضا يمكنك ان تختار لها تسريحة الشعر والاكسسوارات.

Spring Time
You can put aside all those warm winter clothes and caps and focus on the spring fashion. The outfits that you see in the stores and magazines really make you want to be stylish and fashionable. The ones you’ll see in this game can also give you some good ideas about what you can wear. Just take a look at them and dress this girl up. Also choose her hairstyle and accessories.

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